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To enable our customers to take control over rising electricity costs and start generating 100% cleaner, and price-protected energy right from the radiant sun.

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Solar panels on residential roof.

With Solar, you save instantly and eventually will be living cost-free of energy charges while self-producing a clean energy solution that you OWN.

A Tesla Powerwall Battery & Tesla Wall Connector installed on house.

Consider us your hub for clean, zero-emission energy solutions and enhancements. Providing you with not only solar solutions but a variety of products and services that will complete your home into a smart and green personal oasis.

Success Stories

What our Clients say

Met Bobby who explained the whole process and the steps invovled. gave me timely updates  and last but not least he was there during the whole installation and showed the drone footage after explanation.Made me feel at ease and a great company to be considered  for solar roof

Rameshwar Balanagu

Thank you AJ for great consultancy and implementation of solar panel. You have been helpful throughout the process. I appreciate your timely response and proactive help in resolving our issues

Sonali Gawate

Thanks Bobby, he was very helpful and knowledgeable in educating me about solar.  I will def recommend to friends and family.

Nam Huynh

I didn’t have much knowledge with Solar at first until the  Go Radiant team knocked on my door. They walked me through every step and explained thoroughly the process. Install is complete and my panels look great! Completely happy and satisfied.

Shirley Coop

Frequently Asked

Do our panels have any warranty? 
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All of our panels are backed by a comprehensive 25 year panel & production warranty.
They're also backed by a 30 year system insurance policy that covers all the gaps warranty doesn't.

What areas do we serve?
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We serve all of Texas! Some of our main hubs of business include Dallas, San Antonio, Austin, Houston, and Fort Worth.

How long does it take to get installed?
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After signing we average a 20-30 day turn around until your installation date.
Once we get to your install date it takes 3-4 hours to get installed! Timeline can vary depending on number of panels, weather, city permits timeline and etc.

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Going solar with Go Radiant costs NOTHING upfront. Simple said you will receive a new fixed monthly payment depending on the number of panels you go with.

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